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it's your only model


2024 It’s You Only (Model Edition)


   A real documentary about the process of developing talent and achieving goals in fashion industry.


   A real inspiration documentary about a teenager with dream and passion to becoming a global fashion model. 

   This story representing a dream , chances to meet a top tier people in Korean fashion industry and a hardworking before achieves his/her goal.

Chapter : 10 episodes 


Format : Broadcast (HD) 30 minutes / 10 episodes


Production Schedule : 2024.04 ~ 2025.03


On-Air Scheduled : 2024.05


Broadcasting channel : YouTube channel

                                     / Video short form for SNS

                                     /Logbook TV (Director's Cut)


Produced by : Logbook Co., Ltd.


Fashion Models

it's your only model

Episode Description


(From April to July)
Audition Day
/ Competitors comments
/ Evaluation

 Episode 2

(From August to October)
Training with professional trainers
and preparation for model contests

 Episode 3

Participation in the global model contest (SCHATZ-KA)
/ Competition performance preparation
/ Competition and awards

 Episode 4

(From November to December)
Hard training
through senior producers and trainers
/ The process of becoming a professional model

 Episode 5


Departing to Korea for the final training

and style development before the stage

of Seoul Fashion Week fashion show

which is the global debut stage

/ Final training with famous Korean fashion models

and styling with  professional beauty producer

 Episode 6

All preparing process for a full-scale fashion show
/ Designer meeting
/ Clothes fitting
/Final preparations
with Designers and Korean model team

 Episode 7

Profile shoot
/ Participate in 2025 Seoul Fashion Week

 Episode 8

First photo shoot and advertisement shoot
(cosmetics brand / fashion brand)

 Episode 9

Returned to Thailand
after completing all debut schedules
/ Commencement
of professional modeling activities
/ 1st fanmeeting

Episode 10

Interview / Behind the Scenes


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