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Over age, can I audition?

A : Accepting only those between the ages of 13-18.

If found to be false information will be disqualified.

Can I audition as a team?

A : Only one applicant is accepted.


How many video clips are required for application? And what clip is it?
What language?

A : It is necessary to submit 1 video clip, in which 1 clip consists of

1. Introducing yourself in English only (required)
2. Showing the ability to sing / rap / dance

from beginning until the first chorus (must complete all 3 things)
3. Showing special musical talent (if any)


Can I use karaoke video to sing or use video created from TikTok application to applicate audition?

A : You can use karaoke video to sing,

but must be the clearest vocals 

and video created from TikTok application are not accepted.


Can I turn on music backing track

or play a musical instrument while singing in clip?

A : It is recommended to sing without music backing track or play a musical instruments,

if you pass to first round of selection you can show other talents more in the next audition (live performance)


Is there a music genre limit?

And language of the songs used to sing/dance?

A : There is no limits of music genres. You can sing, rap and dance in any language.

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